FireFite Everest Pvt Ltd proudly brings​ to you the Patented (Worldwide including India) and Only Active Fire Prevention Technology – FHT-FirePASS. FirePASS® is a revolutionary fire preventive technology which pro actively prevents fire instead of suppressing it after it has started and damage has already occurred. It is an advanced technology which is completely safe for human breathing and most importantly Eco Friendly.

FirePASS​​® technology works in a simple way of converting the am​bient air into an “hypoxic” (oxygen-reduced) air, There is no external agent required. ​​Hypoxic atmosphere is such in which even​ a candle will not burn and paper will not ignite.Consequently, any fire that is introduced into this breathable hypoxic atmosphere is instantly extinguished. Kerosene fuel, gas lighter or propane gas torch will not ignite in this environment either.

​This amazing technology simply follows the saying “a grain of prevention is worth more than a pound of Protection”. ​To elaborate more on this technology please check our e-catalog along with link to our videos which will fascinate you on how it works.

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Bharati Fire Engineers (FireFite)
Advanced Technologies is our Advantage
Bharati Fire Engineers with a well established brand ‘FireFite’, Since 1972, has been providing Fire protection & safety for over 44 years with International standard products.

Bharati Fire Engineers are manufacturers & exporters of approx. 20,000 Fire Extinguishers per month with ISI, CE(EN), DGQA (Defense), IRS (Shipping) Approvals. With an Established Project Division they execute High End Projects in Fire detection, Fire Suppression (Gas based: Co2, Fm200, Novec; Aerosol: FAS, DSPA, Green Sol), Wet Risers / Hydrant Systems along with providing Training, Demos and Fire Protection Consultancy.

They have collaborated with companies worldwide i.e. Netherlands, Germany and Europe to bring in the new technologies in fire safety industries. They hold a strong workforce of more than 100 Experts, Engineers, Technicians and Skilled Workmen with an ideal mix of experience and youth supported by a Dedicated management, Directed towards a single goal of Providing Safety.

Everest Kanto Cylinder Limited
Established in 1978, EKC has grown to become the world’s second largest manufacturer of Gas cylinders. EKC is strategically located across 3 continents and manufacturing facilities in India, Dubai, China, and USA with a capacity of over 1 million Cylinder per annum and over 5 million gas cylinder in service to its key verticals i.e. Fire Fighting industry, CNG industry, Industrial & Defence sector. EKC has also developed products and solutions for some of the largest multinational companies in the Fire Fighting Industry in CO2,FM 200, N2 & NOVEC gases along with UL listing.

EKC with a continued focus on quality, innovation and a dedicated team of over 1500 employees, EKC is determined to provide the Fire Fighting Industry with new and path – breaking products meeting the highest of safety standards.

With long successful histories and their vast experiences and networks worldwide,
Mr. Sameer Thakkar – Director of Bharati Fire Engineers with a goal of safety along with a concept of ‘no fire ever’ join hands with Mr. Puneet Khurana – Director of Everest Kanto Cylinder Ltd – who commits to have a cleaner environment are now combining together as FireFite Everest Pvt. Ltd to offer a world class technology – FirePASS®, a revolutionary ACTIVE FIRE PREVENTION SYSTEM.