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FHT FirePASS® is a revolutionary fire prevention technology. It has the unique ability to create a breathable oxygen-reduced (hypoxic) environment which prevents flame ignition and, at the same time, is safe and healthy for human occupants.
The FHT FirePASS® technology guarantees:

Unmatched Fire Safety
FHT FirePASS® prevents fire proactively instead of suppressing it after it has started.

Absolute Safety for Human Beings
FHT FirePASS® produces and uses breathable air for fire prevention thus avoiding any hazard to human occupants, the prevented rooms and their content.

Environmental Friendliness
FHT FirePASS® uses natural air as its resource – no chemicals or gases are involved. The FHT FirePASS® agent is simply hypoxic (oxygen-reduced) air. Nothing is added.

The revolutionary concept of FHT FirePASS® technology is protected by patents worldwide. The FHT FirePASS® group is the only legal manufacturer and vendor of systems providing breathable fire-prevention environments.